How can you be on the web, while you are too busy traveling?

For many of us who blog for passion, it’s very easy create great content to publish because that’s what we love to do, but I bet that we all do different things in our daily basis, not just blog. Some of us are studying, working, some of us are parents, we have a couple, we do sports we go to parties, and some of us just travel. No matter who you are, we all have a life away from the computer. So, how can we stay active in the web while we are traveling or maybe too busy with aspects of our personal lives?

I will provide you some tools to calendarize, program and automatize you pots on social media.
For Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tweeter:

1.    Buffer: It’s basically the number one app for many bloggers when they are planning to program their posts. There is a free and a premium version of this app, and it’s very easy to understand. It supports Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter
2.    Social Report:  The desktop version is very popular but the app has its issues. Although is a very valuable tool on desktops. It supports Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
3.    HootSuite: This one Gad amazing features, the best of it is that it’s a post simulator so while programming the post, it will look the same way as if you were posting the content. It supports Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
4.    Tweetdeck: Guess what? It’s just for Twitter. Its only available in a desktops versions but it’s amazing for programming tweet, looking at insights and reaching organism value without even having to touch your computer.
5.    EveryPost:  This one it’s just for iOS and it supports an amazing quantity of social media including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tweeter, Google Plus and more. It’s very well rated and seems like an amazing tool for Marketer and bloggers.

Also note that if you are in YouTube or WordPress these two platform have the option to automatize the posts you make there.

All these tools give you the option to pick the date and time, the caption, the filters and the hashtags you want to have in you posts. Obviously you are not forced to stick strictly to the post you’ve programmed. You can always change the post, eliminate it, add content or change the date.

How can I chose the date and time to program my content?

Each account is different. Be sure to check you insight and statistics. Observe how you audience behaves. In your insights you you can see the days and time when your audience is usually connected.

But don’t forget about the algorithm. Your best chance of making a successful post is by posting it up to an hour before the you peak time in the insights. If you do that and write the right captions, you will get good engagement from account outside of your audiences. By the time you audience starts to connect to social media, your post should be enough like-able already, to be on the top of the algorithm and the are more chances that tour audience might see your post before the rest.

Remember, program engage-able content, important content that adds value to your audience, always with a great quality and in a smart way. You don’t have to let social media ruins your vacations, because you deserve it.