10 tips for bloggers, when they are losing creativity.

The web is continuously growing, with millions of articles added day by day. This makes the internet a very competitive place, especially is you are trying to send a clear message out there. No matter if you are a blogger, you tuber, Instagram Influencer, if you want to run a campaign, or sell a product, if you want to stand out on the web, you have to be creative. Now, I know what you are thinking; what if I’m not a very creative person? Well, no worries, because I’n bringing to you a few tips so you can start improving you creativity right now. 

The truth is that we are all creative, but some more than others. Fortunately, the creativity, is a skills that, like many others, can be developed, and here are a few ways how you can do it:

•Learn from collaborations: You can live up to 85 years old and you will never be able to see it all. Connect with people within your field. They might be able to teach you something new, and with that new knowledge you might get a good idea. After all, two brains can think better than one.

Free-writing: This is not just about making a draft, is more like writing without a frequency, without any clear topic, and just keep writing whatever comes to your mind first. Try to do that for 5 minutes straight. You will be amazed if everything you can come up to in just five minute. Maybe you can get a millionaire idea from there. Remember, you are never wrong, just write.

Think of the bad side: During the history of humanity, we have been creating things to solve a problem or better something. Focus in things that you can make better and think about infinite ways you can solve this.

Block the fear: Let’s be honest! Many times we have good ideas but we never work on them because of fear. But fear to what? At the end of the day, we cannot please everybody. If there is something worse than rejection, is probably wondering “what would’ve been if?”

Dream: I don’t mean daydreaming, I mean literally go to sleep. The brain needs to rest in order to think clearly. If one day you have an idea that came out from a dream, do whatever is humanly possible to reach it. The sky is the limit.

•Go back to your childhood: Back in those days we didn’t worried much about what people would say. Besides, it’s highly possible to find your true passion in you childhood memories. Many of the things you enjoy doing nowadays can reflect in your past. Identify yourself.

Exaggerate: Create a huge project, even though my seem impossible. Most likely all the ideas you come with my seems crazy but there must be a reason why you thought about. There must be some kind of need that you found that makes your think about it. Back in the day, nobody thought that artificial intelligence could be a thing, so there not such thing as a crazy idea.

•”Six hats” technique: For this technique you need to have a main idea already, but after you come with that idea, you will develop it in six different scenarios, so that you can develop empathy about different ways of life and different ways your idea can be developed. Maybe they didn’t do this techniques when they created drones.

Repurpose: Create a new ways to use things that are already done. Ever thought about something that’s already good, but could’ve been better? Thank make it better yourself, that’s same thing that you just thought, wasn’t what the inventor thought, now you have a good shot at having a huge idea.

Develop you curiosity: Ask a lot, read a lot, investigate a lot, get intrigued. By being curious you will learn thing you didn’t know before and information is key when coming to a new idea. The more you know, the more you can develop.

Analyze you environment: See what’s around you. Pay close attention to the things that can be useful, the need that your community has, the knowledge hidden around the corner. You need to get intimate with what’s surrounding you and get to understand it. Maybe go for a walk and kill two bird with one stone: you can relax and you can get to know your environment. 

Read fantastic and epic stories: Nothing better than reading a good fantastic and epic sorties for developing your creativity, since these stories are more than creative themselves. There are full of ideas that are impossible or we’re impossible when written, but that didn’t stop the authors from creating it. Besides, who doesn’t like a good books?

Start working on the strategies that better fit your life style and begin creating now.

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Vero: Darlyne Serrano