Top 10 travel blogs for inspiration. Part 1.

10 great travel blogs! Follow them! To be continued...

1Backpacker Banter Travel Blog - reviews, advice and budget tips for travelers

2Stuck in Customs - Trey Ratcliff"s travel photography blog with daily inspiration to motivate you!

3The Everywhereist - award winning travel blog Geraldine DeRuiter.

4Passion Passport - impactful stories about travel.

5Dan Flying Solo - 1000+ days on the road, travel blog & travel photographer.

6Drew Binsky- Drew Binsky: "I travel & make daily videos, telling unique stories & inspiring others to see the world."

7A Broken Backpack - travel blog about long-term travel. From super cheap trips to luxury travel.

8Nomadic Matt - Matt Kepnes "How to Travel the World on $50 a Day".

9foXnoMad - tech and tips to help you travel smarter.

10TravelBreak - travel blog by Stephanie Be. Adventure, lifestyle, travelbreak.

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